New DVD-Ranger released 01/03/2011

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New DVD-Ranger released 01/03/2011

Post by zebadee on Tue 1 Mar 2011 - 20:00

New DVD-Ranger released.
Fix's and Improvements
New DVDs, Queue, Fast Forward/Backward, Interface Lifting....we hope you will enjoy the new DVD-Ranger.

DVD-Ranger core engine - Added a fix for Fast Forward/Backward problems on some players.
DVD-Ranger core engine - ILVU handling optimized.
DVD-Ranger core engine - Plugged some leaks.
DVD-Ranger core engine - Can now use (all available CPU cores.)
DVD-Ranger core engine - Updated heuristics for new DVDs.
DVD-Ranger UI - Added Queue for automated jobs. (This is BETA. Please test and report if problems occour.)

DVD-Ranger UI - GUI Lifting.

With this version DVD-Ranger comes with an “Encode Queue” where you can add single processing jobs to.
This is handy for converting an entire collection or to transcode/encode a DVD to multiple targets like DVDCopy, Xvid and mobile copy

Guides- Encode Queue Encode Queue | DVD-Ranger Support Guides

Please use your check for update built into the software.


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