GPU-Z 0.5.3 (April 9, 2011)

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GPU-Z 0.5.3 (April 9, 2011)

Post by zebadee on Sat 9 Apr 2011 - 11:32

Hi :)
Latest from techpowerup:


Revision History


*Added support for NVIDIA GT 440, GTX 550, GTX 560, GTX 570, GTX 590
*Added support for AMD HD 6990
*Added detection support for more Sandy Bridge IGPs
*Fixed ROP count on ATI Madison
*Improved OpenCL detection for ATI
*Added CHL8228 voltage controller support for Cayman Pro and XT
*Improved driver based voltage monitoring support for ATI cards
*Added startup parameter /card followed by the adapter index, starts with 1.
*Several crash and stability fixes


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