Backup Tools for your PC/Laptop

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Backup Tools for your PC/Laptop

Post by bubbles19 on Thu 19 Nov 2009 - 17:54

Many PC's & laptops now come with the option to create recovery CD's the first time you use your computer but this will only take your computer back to the original out of the box state. You still need to download & install all subsequent updates and any other software updates.

An easier/better/quicker solution to recover your computer is to get an external HDD and a piece of Backup/Image software. This method will allow you to take an image/backup of your HDD and if needed restore back to that same state with all your windows updates & programs already installed - with only changes made since the backup was made to be added. Also with most of these tools you could have your computer back & working within an hour.Thumbs up big

Personally I use
Acronis True Image

But here is a link for the Free Edition of another Backup Tool:D

Paragon Backup & Recovery 10 - Free Edition
Backup Features

* Support of all present day techniques to store backup images,
* Disk backup to save not only all on-disk information but also the system service structures. It is ideal for making a backup image of an entire hard disk or system partitions to guarantee the operating system’s working capability
* Differential backup to a sector image to only archive changes since the last full sector-based image, thus considerably saving the backup storage space. To restore this kind of backup you will require a full image and one of its differentials


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Re: Backup Tools for your PC/Laptop

Post by bubbles19 on Fri 27 Nov 2009 - 16:15

Have just upgraded my True Image this afternoon - Still had V11 but got a mail through offering an upgrade to 2010 Edition (with a years worth of updates) and eligible for a free upgrade to the next version of True Image - Total cost £23.95 :)

This was an offer via email so suspect you will only get this deal if you already have an older version of True Image - as I was not asked for my current serial number during the purchase process.


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