DVD-Ranger Released today

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DVD-Ranger Released today

Post by ReadMeToo® on Tue 21 Jun 2011 - 22:46

DVD-Ranger released a new Update today DVD-Ranger . This build number is a big jump and reflects three weeks of hard work. DVD-Ranger, version, helps build on our promise of unparalleled copying results and a user-friendly experience. This build has features that speed up the burning process while providing new and refined customization options. This build includes:

DVD-Ranger core engine – Fixed the ISO writer so ISO images created by DVD-Ranger work on the PS3.
DVD-Ranger core engine – Fixed the “Soft Compression” feature.
DVD-Ranger core engine – Fixed the Linkscanner to work with the newest DVDs.
DVD-Ranger core engine – Updated Heuristics to work with the newest DVDs.
DVD-Ranger UI – Fixed a number of internal bugs.
DVD-Ranger UI – Added new Windows7 Taskbar features.

Update Download Link

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DVD-RANGER Owner/Admin

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