Magic DVD Ripper 5.5.2:

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Magic DVD Ripper 5.5.2:

Post by zebadee on Sat 23 Jul 2011 - 11:16

Dear user:

Magic DVD Ripper v5.5.2 has been released. If you are still under the free
upgrade period, the upgrade is free. You may just download it from
and install it. And you needn't
uninstall the existed version, just installing the new version over it,
doing so can retain your registration code and configuration. However, when
updating, you should close any window of the program first, then double
click the new setup file to install to avoid any issue like "Code 5" or
"Code 32" error.

What's new in Magic DVD Ripper 5.5.2:
1. add fixes for the popular new-protected DVDs, such as "Battle: Los
Angeles", "True Grit", "Just go with it", "Jackass 3.5", "No Strings
Attached", "The Fighter", "The Green Hornet", "Born to Raise Hell", "Little
Fockers", "Jackass 3", "Paranormal Activity 2", "Rango", "Insanity" etc.

2. keep your computer going into standby or sleep mode when running Ripper,
to avoid the unexpected read error.

3. add a new option "Check if it is an unsolved new protection DVD" under
File menu.

4. add a new feature that can help you upload .ifo files of the unfixed
new-protected DVDs to our server easily, you needn't sent them by email

5. some minor fixes and improvements.

Kindly note, we remove "auto-update" and "check for slf updates" options in
this new version, since our program can automatically check the relevant
decryption file from our server first when you ripping a DVD, you needn't
such function any more. To ensure you can download the decryption files for
the new-protected DVDs successfully, please make sure your computer where
you run our program is connected to the internet well, and please make sure
your anti-virus or firewall software doesn't block our download process, we
suggest you add "MagicDVDRipper.exe" to their white list.

Best regards,

Magic DVD Software


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Re: Magic DVD Ripper 5.5.2:

Post by zebadee on Sun 24 Jul 2011 - 10:45

Hi :)
Excellent program.
Just be aware sometimes minor updates do not seem to be announced.
So if having problems with new DVD.
It can still be worthwhile to download & install again.
Even if version number is the same.... ;)


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