BD-RB v0.39.01 (beta)

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BD-RB v0.39.01 (beta)

Post by zebadee on Thu 15 Sep 2011 - 19:42

Hi :)
Very latest beta... ;)

BD-RB v0.39.01 (beta)

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Re: BD-RB v0.39.01 (beta)

Post by zebadee on Sat 17 Sep 2011 - 11:20

The changelog for those interested.

BD-Rebuilder Beta v.39.01

    - Corrected and issue in which certain types of
    HDMV menus may not be flagged properly and as a
    result they may not be processed as such.

    - Corrected an error in which selected LPCM audio
    sources from a multi-m2ts stream may cause AFTEN
    to fail during reencoding.

    - Changed default for IVTC selection. Some common
    players appear to have playback difficulties with
    AVC using 3:2 pulldown, resulting in "jerkiness".

    - Added additional code to prevent encoding and/or
    previewing failure on exceptionally small M2TS

    - Corrected a problem in which it may be possible
    for audio/pgs streams to be selected/deselected
    and the effect doesn't ripple through all related
    playlists via playlist siblings.

    - Corrected an error in which angles that are a
    part of the main feature MPLS could, under certain
    circumstances be "quick encoded" rather than
    following the required criteria of the MPLS.

    - Corrected an error in which angles that are a
    part of the main feature MPLS could under certain
    circumstances not be encoded -- and as a result
    might not match the coding type of the main

    - Added a new "Unblock Chapter Skip" feature to
    SETUP. This will get help you skip over those
    annoying trailers at the beginning of discs that
    force to to either watch or fast-forward through
    them (ughh).

    - Corrected a long-standing issue in which selection
    or deselection of audio/subs could create issues
    in stream lists that contain more than 255 items.

    - Updated the included version of X264.EXE to the
    latest release (r2074).

    - Updated the included version of X264-64.EXE to
    the latest release (r2074).

    - Other minor corrections and cosmetic fixes.


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