AnyDVD (HD) beta 2012 02 02

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AnyDVD (HD) beta 2012 02 02

Post by zebadee on Thu 2 Feb 2012 - 23:33

Hi :)
This beta *will* work in trial mode.

Download here:

This version adds "Speed Menus" as an option to Blu-ray discs:
1. Speedy access
2. Short load times
3. Compatibility with older players
4. Auto-resume of Java discs
5. Playback of 3D discs on 2D players 2012 02 02
- New (Blu-ray): Added "Speed Menus"
- New (Blu-ray): Support for new BD+ protection
- New (Blu-ray): Support for new Java based protection
- New (Blu-ray): Updated decryption keys
- New (Blu-ray): Workaround for broken Lite-On (and OEMs, e.g. ASUS) firmware which
caused creation of .iso images with incorrect size
- Fix (Blu-ray): Support for new Java based protection
- New (DVD): Support for new copy protections
- New (DVD): Workaround for incorrectly recorded AVCREC DVD discs
- New (DVD): Improved cutting of ending cells for movie only copies of some discs
- Fix (DVD): Possible crash in RCE removal
- Fix (DVD): Bug introduced in, corrupted file system with some discs
- Fix (DVD): "repair defective disc structure" stage in AnyDVD ripper could cause
PS10 errors with some discs
- Some minor fixes and improvements


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