BD-RB v0.40.08 (beta) (February 25th, 2012)

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new beta BD-RB v0.40.08 (beta) (February 25th, 2012)

Post by zebadee on Sun 26 Feb 2012 - 8:50

Hi :)
Very latest beta... ;)

BD-RB v0.40.08 (beta)

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new beta Re: BD-RB v0.40.08 (beta) (February 25th, 2012)

Post by SithTracy on Sun 26 Feb 2012 - 12:13

Still have not used it... downloaded it a couple of times with intent. One day perhaps...

Still, the updates seem to be coming out quicker and quicker for this beta. Will be watching this project with interest though I am not a user... yet.


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