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Forum team - Who is? - What is?

Post by Admin on Fri 6 Nov 2009 - 22:36

Hello :)
Done some more playing around with roles/rank.
Firstly there was me (Admin), then Arachne & bubbles19 (Admin -forum).
Our roles are me "Site Admin". So everyones dogsbody............... Duh!
Arachne & bubbles19 "Forum Admin". So more to do with day to day, but are also "Deputies" for "Site Admin".
So there isn't really any difference between us, other than timing (who came 1st etc).

Hugo & Mcstylist Moderators to the whole forum.
So "Super Moderators" if you go by the post "About us".
I am not using that term for the moment.
But will say that their powers are almost identical to "The Big Three". lol!

Some "Senior Members" show up as "Moderators", but technically aren't.
It was the only way (so far) that I was able to give them full control of their postings.
Plus one or two other goodies.
These members are not to be badgered by any us.
They to be seen as "Seniors" for now at least.
Senile!!! (+ other things I forget)
Senile!!! (+ other things I forget)

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