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Which smart phone? Dictated by software?

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Which smart phone? Dictated by software? Empty Which smart phone? Dictated by software?

Post by zebadee on Sun 30 Jan 2011 - 14:57

Hi :)
Looking at the latest "smart phones" ?
You probably need to look (understand) at how software may affect your options.

Apple's iPhone wasn't the 1st.
Though many see it as the best.

Why fans love iPhones.
You don't have to be a fan of Apple to fall for the iPhone.They worked hard to get a interface that is both simple to learn & use.
It's very responsive large screen makes for an entertaining experience.
The IOS operating system is seen to be the heart of iPhones success.

Where iPhones fall down.
It doesn't support "Flash".
An essential for many web browsers.
Apple as sole suppliers of IOS.
Control all.
So if you don't like something .... tough luck!

Apple's App store is often seen as the one to be held up as the be all of apps.

BlackBerry OS:
The RIM OS operates on the BlackBerries only.
Was primarily a business phone.
But now it is spreading it's wings further afield.

Why fans love the BlackBerry.
With QWERTY k/b & heavy focus on email, business contact, calender.
Not hard to see why this is a business model to set the standards.

Where the BlackBerry falls down.
To allow for the QWERTY k/b, screen size is often prohibitive compared to rivals.
They can't match the web browsing experience to be found on an Andriod or iPhone.

Having centered on the business side.
Apps are very limited & often awkward to use.

Symbian OS:
Nokia is one of the biggest sellers of mobile phones.
Its smart phones run the Symbian operating system.
If a long standing Nokia user, then the evolution of Symbian maybe for you.
Familiarity & all that.
However often out performed by IOS & Android these days.

Why fans love Symbian.
Benefits are often more hardware related.
Though OVI maps do stand out.
Sat Nav features strongly too.
Where Symbian falls down.
When compared with IOS & Android.
Symbian is often disappointing & less intuitive.
Suffers with compatibility with 3rd party products.

The OVI store is where it is at.
Though a limited offering only to be found here.

Relative newcomer to smart phones.
Google’s charge cannot fail to be noticed.
It closely follows that of IOS, but with much more customisation at hand.
Phone manufacturers like it because they can tweak it for their purposes (unlike the iPhone).

Why fans love android.
Android gives users a lot of control over the look & feel of their phones.
It receives frequent updates too.

Why android falls down.
The main reason is also one of the main positives.
Your phone manufacturer may not allow certain updates, or restrict some updates to certain models.
Android’s APP store is not closely monitored.
So malicious downloads can happen.

You can download over 100,000 apps.
Though some of the big name apps are missing.

Windows Phone 7:

Windows phone 7 launched late last year (2010).
All related apps & content are 6 “hubs” – Games, Marketplace, Music, Office, People, Pictures, & Video.
On screen tiles give access to each hub, giving it a real social media edge over its rivals.

Why fans love Windows Phone 7.
Early days to really say.
However phones running this OS tend to be fairly powerful.
Plus supports all Windows Office software.
Also ties into Microsoft’s gaming system, Xbox live.

Where Windows Phone 7 falls down.
Limited choice of both handsets & networks.

Again this is in its infancy, so nothing to compare with either Apple or Android.
Though in its favour over Android, has Microsoft controlling apps.
So all apps should not only be available from official sources.
Should work well too.

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Which smart phone? Dictated by software? Empty Re: Which smart phone? Dictated by software?

Post by 4hams on Sun 30 Jan 2011 - 16:55

Great info zebadee! Thanks


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Which smart phone? Dictated by software? Empty Re: Which smart phone? Dictated by software?

Post by zebadee on Fri 11 Feb 2011 - 19:09

Hi :)
Nokia announce going into partnership with Microsoft.
So this could be the the beginning of the end of Symbian.


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Which smart phone? Dictated by software? Empty Re: Which smart phone? Dictated by software?

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