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DVD Converter : new BETA version available! (

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DVD Converter : new BETA version available! ( Empty DVD Converter : new BETA version available! (

Post by zebadee on Thu 25 Aug 2011 - 2:05

Hi :)

Last changes :
Blu-ray & DVD Converters - (Not Yet Released) [ View Issues ]

    - 0004767: [Information] DVD Converter / comments on quality helper (cedric) - resolved.
    - 0004785: [Crash] Since I updated my NVidia graphic card drivers, I can't convert anything... (cedric) - resolved.
    - 0004784: [Suggestion] If a Blu-ray cover is available, copy it in destination folder (cedric) - resolved.
    - 0004783: [Suggestion] Increase quality of subtitles merged in video (when using AVI, PS3, XBOX... profiles) (cedric) - resolved.
    - 0004782: [Bug] Subtitles merged in video are blinking just before disappearing (cedric) - resolved.
    - 0004781: [Bug] Subtitles merged in video are strangely displayed in converted file (cedric) - resolved.
    - 0004780: [Feature Request] Add Apple TV output profile (cedric) - resolved.
    - 0004779: [Suggestion] When video quality helper says the video quality will not be good, final result is near to be perfect (cedric) - resolved.
    - 0004777: [Crash] Conversion won't start when previous version was able to convert (cedric) - resolved.
    - 0004778: [Bug] When selecting AVI or PS3 profile, restrict subtitle selection to only one track (cedric) - resolved.
    [10 issues]

***for this last version posted, make sure you have a language selected, otherwise the converter does not work. You can go to General Settings/ language and select a language there in order for all the settings to work correctly.


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