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Blu-ray Converter Ultimate : new version available! ( ) 10-17-2011

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Blu-ray Converter Ultimate : new version available! ( )  10-17-2011 Empty Blu-ray Converter Ultimate : new version available! ( ) 10-17-2011

Post by zebadee on Wed 19 Oct 2011 - 9:40

Hi :)
Latest offering:-

Version history:

Blu-ray & DVD Converters - Released October 17th 2011
- Translations updated: Only for English, French, Japanese and Czeck.
- 0004877: [Feature Request] I can't selected the writer used to burn project when conversion is already started
- 0004864: [Bug] selecting output folder as drive causes error (cedric) - resolved.
- 0004797: [Bug] DVD Converter Preview window appears while burning (cedric) - resolved.
- 0004875: [Bug] DVD Converter: subtitles encoded in MKV file doesn't have same color as original (cedric) - resolved.
- 0004869: [Bug] I can start a conversion in DVD target format only one time, software is locked for the second try (cedric) - resolved.
- 0004872: [Bug] Software doesn't start the conversion when using high audio compatibilty setting with output format requesting multichannel (cedric) - resolved.
- 0004873: [Bug] Conversion don't start when input files contains specific PCM Blu-ray audio track (cedric) - resolved.
- 0004871: [Bug] Output video is totally out of sync when input DVD is encoded with pulldown (cedric) - resolved.
- 0004870: [Bug] I can't use any H264 output format because converter software in not in Windows DEP exception list (cedric) - resolved.
- 0004841: [Bug] audio video synch issue converting to AVI low res Xvid (cedric) - resolved.


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