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BD-RB v0.42.06 (beta)

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new beta BD-RB v0.42.06 (beta)

Post by Admin on Sun 16 Dec 2012 - 12:10

Hi :)
Very latest beta... ;)

December 15th, 2012 - v0.42.6
- Added information to the video import routine so it would properly handle AVI files with the "DX50" fourcc value.
- Updated video file imports so that SRT streams contained in MKV files will be included in the pseudo source muxing.
- Corrected an error in which forced subtitles were not being carried over into ALTERNATE movie-only DVD output.
- Created a hidden option OUTPUT_FOLDER that can be used to redirect the final output build to a location other than the working folder. See the file HIDDENOPTS.TXT for usage details.
- Updated BD-RB and INSPECT to accept an newer version of FFDSHOW (r4422) as "correct".
- Updated the included version of X264.EXE to the latest release (r2230).
- Updated the included version of X264-64.EXE to the latest release (r2230).
- Other minor corrections and cosmetic fixes.

BD-RB v0.42.06 (beta)

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