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Age of Conan's Free Trial Becomes Eternal

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Age of Conan's Free Trial Becomes Eternal Empty Age of Conan's Free Trial Becomes Eternal

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Proof that there is some Christmas spirit about!

The massively multiplayer role-playing game soldiers are back on the field, and the generals from Funcom have decided to take the initiative once again and be proactive. After they released a special “long-term commitment” offer, where subscriptions over longer periods of time would bring increasingly incentive offers, Age of Conan now follows in the footsteps of Warhammer, and releases an endless free-trial. Without an expiration date, once one's free-trial account has been activated, it will allow them to take advantage of everything the title has to offer, up to level 20.

The entire Island of Tortage will be available, as well as all possible classes, but there is a catch. While there is no fine print in the end user license agreement that sells one's soul tot the Devil, or anything like that, players who want to enjoy this endless free-trial will have to make haste. The offer is only available to those that log in to their free-trial account by January 1, 2010, so, unless they want to miss out on the eternal Age of Conan experience, one would better make sure they're sober on New Year's Eve and log in at least once, just to be safe.

“Our original seven day trial has been very successful so far,” the Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Funcom, Morten Larssen, said. “But with the holiday season coming up this is the perfect time to shake up our trial offer a bit and try out something new. So everyone who downloads the trial before January 1st will be able to play the first part of the game for free, forever.”

He further added that, “We are confident that many of those taking advantage of this offer will choose to become permanent players, allowing them to experience all of what the game has to offer including all the additions and improvements introduced since launch.” An expansion for the MMO has been announced for next year, Rise of The Godslayer, but it's most likely that this free-trial won't let us see anything of it, since it doesn't look like it will let us get off the Island of Tortage.


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