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Round 2 of the Festivities

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Round 2 of the Festivities Empty Round 2 of the Festivities

Post by bubbles19 on Wed 30 Dec 2009 - 9:18

Well the fat man in the red suit's turn has been & gone and round 2 approaches with tomorrow being the end of another year.

What have you all got planned to see in the New Year?

I was going to say I will be on the Under Age'rs drinks but thinking about it that would mean drinking all these Alco-pops & Buckfast hmmm lol!

Instead I will definitely be on the soft drinks as I start a week long stint of Standby just as the bells strike 12 lala so if anything breaks down over the weekend it will be back to the old fashioned method Hit of fixing things Thumbs up

So have a good New Year evening what ever you are all doing largegr

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