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Post by Admin on Sun 14 Feb 2010 - 10:36

Hello :)
For those interested we are improving on the volume of visitors.
However the number of new members has stalled.
This along with a drop in the amount of posts is not a good sign.
While I appreciate all efforts from all.
For this forum to move on, it requires posts.
Some of you who are involved in other forums (includes most here), seem reluctant to even promote those forums.
Even when linked to software.
Most of the updates are being posted by me.
So often there's a delay.
Also don't feel you are dual posting by wirting in both the respective forum & the Blog section.
Blogs are popular with some folk who are tired (possibly) of the older format.
So trying to cover the widest area possible here.
Remember this is for you, run by you.
Whilst I have made changes without any mass debate.
This forum is meant to be direct by all members.
Not some few locked away in their ivory tower.... Forum stats. 998112

So please do have a say in what... why.. where... you want this forum to go.
Forum stats. 396601


"We'll be friends until we are old & senile.
Then, we'll be New friends.

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