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ChatBox - ShoutMix.

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ChatBox - ShoutMix. Empty ChatBox - ShoutMix.

Post by Admin on Thu 5 Nov 2009 - 18:57

Hello :)
Many of you will wonder why have both?
What's the point?

So this post is to explain the whys (hopefully).

Chatbox is for members only.
You have to be a member, even just to view.
Despite being logged in to the forum.
You will still need to "login" to ChatBox.
Currently you access Chatbox via a link (bottom left of homepage).
This will give you full page access - new tab.
At this point you will need to login to Chatbox. In order to join in with that days chat.

ShoutMix is not only viewable to members, but to guests "observers" of Knowledge tree UK.
You don't have to login.
You can stay a guest, yet still post a message here.
Guests/observers can also leaving a message.
Regardless of whether they have signed up.

Chatbox is more of a two way (or more) conservation.
ShoutMix is more of a convenient storage area for messages/comments.
To or about that forum/forum user..
Senile!!! (+ other things I forget)
Senile!!! (+ other things I forget)

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