MagicDVDRipper....more than

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MagicDVDRipper....more than

Post by zebadee on Sun 16 Dec 2012 - 19:20

Hi :)

I have always liked this progam.

Now with Windows 8 Pro on my PC.

Plus Windows 8 phones.

I am once again using this program to add DVD's to my phone.

MagicDVDRipper not only rips.

But converts too!

Decryption is built in, so no need for AnyDVD...... :shock:

Place DVD in relevant drive.

Start program.

It detects drive holding disc.

If used before, will select destination folder.

Otherwise use browser.

Using convert by default, should pickup relevant title & audio.

You can of course change these to suit.

Select output via similar dropdown window.

You have preview.

You can also do the standard back up features.

All in all, pretty much what most of us could want.


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