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Winter Olympics

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Winter Olympics - Page 2 Empty Re: Winter Olympics

Post by Alby on Mon 1 Mar 2010 - 3:28

Well almost. It is pretty much non stop but they are called periods and there are only 3 of them.

I wish we covered your surfing events so we could see all your bikini clad beauties. :D

Ah, this channel does have surfing. And yes, there are some nice looking young lasses shown.
Has anyone seen any IPL games? These are twenty/20 games of cricket. IPL stands for Indian premier League. Held in India (obviously). They "hire" players from other countries to play these 'hit and giggle' games interspersed with indian players. Good money for the fringe players. Great for the masses as a spectacle,but no tactics.
I'd gladly swap it for some hockey games !!!
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