New DVD-Ranger released (12-05-2010)

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New DVD-Ranger released (12-05-2010)

Post by zebadee on Mon 6 Dec 2010 - 20:34

[quote]New DVD-Ranger released.
(12-05-2010) - Innovation. In plain sight.:

New DVD-Ranger released.

DVD-Ranger is loaded with new features. Now it's so much easier to manipulate mobile profiles. You can truly streamline your workflow.

DVD-Ranger core engine - New DVDs added
DVD-Ranger core engine - Improved DVD loading
DVD-Ranger core engine - Native Unicode support in order to work with all character sets.
DVD-Ranger UI - Faster switching between projects
DVD-Ranger UI - Extended settings

DVD-Ranger UI - Customize mobile profiles
DVD-Ranger UI - Modifiable audio volume levels
DVD-Ranger UI - Zoom output video in order to eliminate black letterbox bars

The DVD-Ranger Commandline / Terminal version for Linux (Wine).
Languages included:

Windows & Linux Minimum Requirements

A PC running Windows 2000, Windows XP (Service Pack 2 or later), Windows Vista or Windows 7
1.4-MHz Pentium-class processor or better
At least 512MB of RAM
At least ~5 GB free disk space
Linux: Wine 1.01

The DVD Ranger - Support Forum Team.

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