DVD43 (is a free) DVD decrypter.

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DVD43 (is a free) DVD decrypter.

Post by Admin on Sun 1 Nov 2009 - 7:32

is a free DVD decrypter that runs in the background and decrypts DVDs on the fly. This website gives you some basic information, like what it does, how to use it, and where to download it. If your copy program needs a decrypter, you can use DVD43. It's free, so you won't need to waste money on a decrypter. This website does not host the DVD43 setup file and is not affiliated with the authors of DVD43, but it does provide safe links to the program.
WHAT DOES IT DO?: DVD43 will decrypt (unlock) a movie DVD so that your copy program can read it. If the DVD structure is non standard or the DVD contains bad sectors, your copy program needs to take care of that. Outdated copy software like DVDXCopy can't handle bad sectors commonly found on newer DVDs. You need a copy program that provides frequent updates to handle new movies as they are released. I have included a list of programs (at the bottom of this page) which are compatible with DVD43. Only one (1Click DVD Copy) was able to copy all the DVDs I tested without errors.

COMPATIBILITY: DVD43 is compatible with Microsoft Windows Vista (32), Windows XP, and Windows 2000.

HOW TO INSTALL: Run the setup file which installs DVD43 and leaves a happy face icon on your task bar. DVD43 will run in the background and decrypt movies on the fly.

HOW TO USE DVD43: Insert the DVD you want to copy and wait for DVD43 to detect it (smiley face turns green). Start your DVD copy software and copy your movie.

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