The royals

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The royals

Post by sanshoe on Wed 7 Apr 2010 - 23:54

Apologies to any Monarchists... :)

Prince Charles had been invited to open the new Civic Centre

in the NSW town of Wagga Wagga.

It was a great day. The mayor and all the civic dignitaries were

lined up to greet the prince, bands were playing, and flags were


At last the big moment arrived. Escorted by motorcycle

policemen, the royal roller glided to a smooth halt beside the

red carpet.

A policeman opened the door and saluted. The crowd cheered.

And out of the car stepped his royal highness the Prince Of

Wales, heir apparent to the throne, direct descendant of a

thousand years of monarchy...wearing a hat made of fox fur,

complete with bushy tail hanging down behind.

Well, nobody was game to say anything, of course. The opening

ceremony duly went ahead, and nobody mentioned the hat.

But then, during lunch one of the local dignitaries, suitably

primed with a few large scotches, plucked up the courage to

broach the subject with His Royal Highness.

"Why the Fox Fur Hat?" the gentleman asked.

"Oh that" his HRH replied

'Well,” as I was leaving the palace mummy called out:’ Charlies,

where are you orf to?", and I said I was orf to Wagga Wagga.

"And I’m sure she said "Wear The Fox Hat".
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Re: The royals

Post by Alby on Fri 9 Apr 2010 - 3:48

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Re: The royals

Post by SATRAT on Sat 10 Apr 2010 - 14:59

Apology not accepted lol! that said and leave the Irish alone rotflmao

There was these two Fijians walking along the beach called Paddy & Murphy rotflmao
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Re: The royals

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